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Ben Bullard (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Rugby Chiropractor Dr Ben Bullard (Chiropractor)

Ben Bullard (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Ben is a lively and enthusiastic chiropractor with a passion for identifying and correcting dysfunction that leads to pain. He was born in Rugby and trained as a Chiropractor at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, graduating in 2011. Following this, Ben spent his first year as a Chiropractor working in Caerphilly and at the Vale Hotel and Golf Resort, where he worked alongside several golf professionals developing the integration of golf and Chiropractic.

Ben has also worked in Rugby for the past three and a half years at Clifton Road Chiropractic, settling back here after meeting his wife Natalie. They now have a baby girl to join their two boys.

Since he began his career, Ben has furthered his chiropractic knowledge and skills extensively, attending courses in Pregnancy, Paediatrics and neonatal, muscle testing and cranial techniques. Ben is also a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional.

Ben has a special interest in sporting biomechanics, the way the different parts of the body move and inter-relate to each other during a movement pattern, with specific reference to the golf swing. He has worked with a number of different athletes from a wide range of sports and achieved excellent results with all of them. His current focus is upon gymnasts and dancers and the effect the problems of hypermobility cause with these demanding activities.

Ben is fully registered with the General Chiropractic Council and United Chiropractic Association.

In his spare time Ben enjoys running, amateur dramatics at Rugby Theatre and spending time with his family.


Using His Hands to Heal

contact-us-btn-2“I became a chiropractor because I wanted to use my hands. I had looked at Physiotherapy and after work experience in both fields, I decided on chiropractic. It was the patients of the chiropractor that I shadowed that were enthused and said things like: “I couldn’t walk in here 6 weeks ago, and now I feel like a spring chicken” and the several stories of how they had been helped so much; I wanted to make people feel like that.

It was in university that one of my first ever patients said on his third visit “I don’t know what you did to my neck but it feels so much better, I can turn it both ways.” This reminded me of all the reasons I wanted to be a chiropractor in the first place.

A Rewarding Passion

“Being a chiropractor is an incredibly rewarding career. It feels fantastic to have patients every day who are thankful for giving them more health. Most people first come to a chiropractor because of pain; not only do we help eliminate that pain but we help people to do things they hadn’t thought they could do any more: be it bowling, running or spending time playing with the grandchildren.”

Focusing on Wellness

“There is a great focus on wellness in this clinic. Helping people realise that the best way to help themselves in the future is by addressing it now; addressing the minor yet serious problems that are underlying which are slowly leading to big problems in the future. We aim to slow down, stop and reverse as many of the issues as possible that are affecting each individual person and help them to look out for themselves.”

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