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Reviews for Rugby Chiropractic Clinic

What Our Patients Are Saying After Their Sixth Visit…

“After suffering for the last few years I cannot believe I am virtually pain free some days. The treatment is short and sharp, however it is doing the trick. The advice is invaluable. Staff are very professional, confident and competent. Thank you.”
(lower back/neck/shoulder problem ) -T.W

“I can’t believe the improvement in such a short period of time. I am walking pain free and my neck is improving.”
(hip/neck pain) -J.P

Since the first visit I have seen a massive improvement in pain relief and my mobility. I can’t thank Rekha enough and would recommend her services to anyone.
(neck, jaw, and lower back pain) -S.B

“The work here has been excellent. I have tried numerous drug remedies through the GP, two series of Physiotherapy at the hospital and several weeks of sports massage and my problems still persisted. Only Chiropractic work has been noticeably and immediately beneficial. I would recommend it to anyone willing to give it a go. Thank you.”
(lower back/neck & shoulder pain) -S.B

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“Eileen and Adele on reception are very friendly and helpful. Rekha is great, explains everything clearly. Good all round advice, particularly relevant to me continuing to run.”
(hip, lower back and neck pain) – A.C

“Progress has been steady now feeling a lot more freedom of movement in neck. Rekha is very good at explaining everything she does.”
(problem with neck and jaw) -J.K

“I wish I had seen Rekha years ago. I’m learning to respect and take more care of my body, as no longer being able to rely on youth.”
(hip pain/alignment issues) -A.T

“The treatment has exceeded my expectations and has made a real difference. I have learned a lot too about posture and am aware at all time, of looking after myself, sitting properly at the pc and when on my ipad, phone etc.”
(vertigo/neck stiffness) -D.P

“Total improvement, so wonderful to sit and sleep in comfort. Rekha is very thorough and completely holistic in every way.”
(total back pain) – S.L.

“After first few visits I had increased movement and reduced pain. The exercise and guidance I am given are helping me day to day to maintain flexibility. Excellent support and service – feel really looked after.”
(fused hip joint and shoulder pain) – M.W.

“Rekha (Doctor of Chiropractic) is a fabulous practitioner and the progress is quite slow, but working and hopefully after a few more visits will see a good improvement.”
(lower back pain) – P.B.

“I was recommended this chiropractor by my doctors. After having several treatments I noticed a big difference to my back. The pain is now much less than it used to be, I am able to move more freely and carry out my house duties. The exercises given to me by the chiropractor helped a lot and good advice was given how to maintain being pain free. I would recommend.”
( back/shoulder pain) – R.K.

“We have been given a lot of advice and information about how our little girl’s hip does not always move in the correct way. My daughter loves coming to see the chiropractor and all treatment is done appropriately for her age 2 years. All Staff are always friendly and have made each appointment a pleasant experience for all of us. We always leave the appointments happy and knowing that improvement has been made.”
(hip joint) – I.R.

“Rekha has been working with me to help improve my posture and every day routines that have caused my back pain and ultimately the neck pain. Slowly I’m finding the adjustments helping, I appreciate that it doesn’t just take one appointment to cure many years of incorrect posture. Rekhas’s advice and expertise are wonderful. Looking forward to just being able to come for monthly adjustments, rather than my two times per week at the moment. All the staff are very friendly and welcoming. Thank you.”
(neck and back pain) – J.C.

“It’s amazing the things that you do every day now over a period of time, may cause the problems with your back. It’s now all about re-programming years of habits, doing the exercises and drinking lots of water.”
(lower back pain) – E.G.

“I find it difficult to assess, as initial neck pain had already started to subside when I had my first appointment. Since then every week has been different, both before and after treatment. However, I am confident that I am getting the attention I need, having left it a number of years since my last chiropractic consultation. I am very happy with the guidance and advice I am being given. Rekha is very patient with me, I particularly value the exercises and other advice she gives me on how to move etc., to minimize my problems. It is a pleasure to have my consultations where everyone is friendly and helpful. So if my sessions with Rekha, mean that I will be able to keep at bay, or least minimize the aches and pains I had started to experience, I am happy to continue with the treatment.”
(neck/back/leg pain) – J.S.

“I first came here unsure on the treatment, however I am only 24 and I was walking like an elderly lady with a walking stick. So really I couldn’t get much worse. Rekha Rampersad (Doctor of Chiropractic) was very professional and diagnosed my back problems quickly and was very good at showing me why I was in so much pain and how she would help me get back to normal life. I now can stand up straight and walk with no pain. Rampersad (Doctor of Chiropractic) doesn’t hang around each time to have a session. She is quick to work on my back and effectively makes a huge improvement each time. This is perfect as I don’t have much time to wait around. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering chiropractic care, I was very unsure to begin with, but now want to come because it relieves my back troubles no end. You cannot put a price on your health and Rampersad (Doctor of Chiropractic) is priceless, she really will help you from your back troubles professionally and effectively. I have learnt invaluable advice, personalised to me, my natural back shape and lifestyle, which I will carry on forever. Thank you so much Rekha.”
(lower back pain) – L.O.

“After having a very painful episode where my lower back locked up and was extremely painful, I started having treatment with Rekha. I have learnt I had problems which have been building for some time and restricted movement in my neck. After the initial sessions, I have seen improvement in my mobility, but there is some way to go I think. I am sure the treatment is helping and as soon as I can, I will have exercises to help as well. Rekha’s diagnosis was very accurate and her treatment works despite the pain.”
(lower/upper back pain) – J.F.

From being barely able to walk, I am now regaining full movement of my back and legs. I am overjoyed by the way I have been treated and I think the best way of explaining it is that I am paying a fraction of the cost I was willing to pay when I was in pain. All the staff here have treated me pleasantly and with respect.”
(lumbar region problems) – M.T.



What Our Patients Are Saying After Their 12th Visit…

“Basically I’m doing the same job, so a constant problem. Treatment helps me deal with it.”
(shoulder/lower back pain) -L.H

Although I’m not visiting as often, I can still feel an improvement every time I come.
(lower back pain) – S.T

“Does what it says on the tin!”
(back pain) – P.M.

“I always suffered with neck and lower back pain when running long distances. Treatment has stopped this pain completely.”
(neck/back pain) – I.J

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