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Meet Peter Sawyer (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Early Years

Dr. Peter Sawyer

Peter Sawyer, Doctor of Chiropractic

After six years of study Peter graduated in 1989 with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He practiced in Hastings, New Zealand for ten years and in 2001 moved to Rugby where he lives with his wife and two adult children. Peter takes responsibility for his health and runs, walks, does cardio exercise and climbs. He believes a balanced low carb and low sugar diet with a lot of vegetables and some animal protein is a realistic and healthy choice.

Philosophy and Methods

Peter uses a wide range of techniques that allow him to provide the most effective care possible given the variety of patients who consult chiropractors. Techniques Peter uses on a regular basis are: Gonstead, Drop Table, Diversified, S.O.T, Activator and McKenzie. Some techniques are aimed at purely physical presentation’s, like Disc protrusions, and entail either a slow or fast corrective force (Chiropractors call this an Adjustment) while others are stimulatory and try to change the way you or your body responds to information you are exposed to.

In addition to chiropractic care Peter helps patients recognize risk factors in their lives, and where possible eliminate them, or at least mitigate the effects. Unfortunately many aspects of modern life are not helpful in maintaining a healthy and robust spine. This would include exercises, stretches and simply taking a break.



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