Your Experience

Your First Chiropractic Visit


When you first arrive,
you will be greeted by our reception staff
who will make you comfortable.

You will be asked to
complete a form relating
to your medical history.


You will be met by your chiropractor and shown to a private consultation room where you will be asked questions about your medical history and discuss the reason for your visit.


A very thorough physical examination is then carried out which will include the spine, relevant joints, muscles, ligaments, and the nervous system.


Treatment Plan

When a case is deemed suitable for chiropractic treatment, the chiropractor will formulate a treatment plan.

This plan will include the frequency and cost of treatment along with home exercises and lifestyle advice.



First of all, you may have questions that you forgot to ask on the first visit. We want you to understand as much as you can about how your spine, nervous system and body work.

Treatment Plan & Prognosis

After your initial appointment and treatment we will see what progress has been made.

Your spine has been moving or reacting incorrectly possibly for years so some initial discomfort can be expected. Be patient as it can take some time for your body to accept the new changes made during treatment and begin to heal.


Treatment Variations

If we are happy with your response we will again adjust your spine either in the same way or change our protocol according to your needs.

Regular Visit

During regular visits, we will always provide a checkup to see how you’re progressing and how your spine is moving. We will provide educational information about ergonomics or activities you’re interested in. Additionally, we will give you postural advice and suggest stretches and exercises. You will also receive an adjustment at each regular visit.

We always seek to educate our patients to empower them to make the decision for themselves about how often to see a chiropractor. Patients can access our website for any additional helpful information or ask the chiropractor at your next visit for any advice.

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